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Wedding Car Decoration Package

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Kindly give us at least 1 week to plan for your magical wedding. Furnish us with your idea, colour theme, style, budget & your favourite flowers and our florist will designed the most exceptional wedding floral that embraces more than you can ever imagined.


  • Artificial Flowers Car Decorations @ Standard
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet @ Standard
  • 6 Corsages - 2 For Groom & 4 For Parents
  • Accompany Car Decoration x 2


  • Fresh Flowers Car Decorations @ Premium
  • Bridal Hand Bouquet @ Premium
  • 6 Corsages - 2 For Groom & 4 For Parents
  • 3 Wrist Corsages - For Brides Maids
  • Accompany Car Decoration x 2
  • With Customized Option

Get the Best Wedding Car Decoration Singapore

There are a few things you have to do if you want to get the best wedding decoration flower. Wedding flowers might sound so simple and just a little part of a wedding, but they actually have such an important role to complete and beautify your wedding day.

Thus, you need to pay more attention to the details of your wedding flowers too, and you have to do your best in choosing your wedding flowers and execute it as a beautiful decoration and bouquet to hold. Explained below is how you do it:

Look for the florist first

It is better if you look for the florist ahead of time. You can do that even before you start your wedding plans; just look and browse through the internet for some florists, compare each one and get the best florist. Every online florist can give you their complete lists of previous works on the website. See which florist that have styles and designs that fit your tastes and your preferences.

Consider recommendation

Don’t be ignorant with your friends or your relatives’ recommendations while they might have the name of the best florist to choose. This is definitely the safest way for you to choose your florist since you know people who are already satisfied with the service, and you will likely experience the best service too. You can still have other options, but a recommended florist will always worth a try.

Meet or communicate with the wedding florist

After you decide your florist, don’t be hesitate to reach them as soon as possible and talk about your wedding plan in terms of the wedding flowers. Let the florist give you the sample of their services or some inspirations for you to choose the flower and the wedding flower arrangement. What is important here is the communication; tell and consult with your florist about your preferences or what you want in your wedding and let them customize and do it for you.

Buy the wedding decoration flower Singapore through a florist

Don’t buy the flowers from another supplier, just buy it from a florist and let your wedding florist handle it. They are the expertise, and they know better how to execute it.

Discuss the budget

Last but not least, don’t forget to discuss your budget (too) with your wedding florist. This can avoid you from getting an unaffordable price for the wedding flower arrangement service. Your florist will then suggest you the wedding flowers arrangement in the cheaper cost.