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Interesting Facts about the Orchid Flowers

The flowers of Orchids are naturally beautiful and charming. They have interesting patterns and shapes, unique colors and shades, and significant symbolism and meaning. They make great Orchid Flower Delivery Singapore to loved ones and friends on any occasions, The Florist Singapore provides a wide variety of orchids in hundreds of beautiful hand bouquets. If you love Orchid flowers, you will surely be glad to know and learn about these interesting facts according to the orchid flower delivery Singapore company:


Orchid is a word that comes from the Greek word “orchis,” meaning testicles because the roots resemble the testicles. The orchid flower is any terrestrial or epiphytic plant that comes from the Orchidaceae family. They grow best on tropical regions or on environment with high temperature. The flower shop Singapore provides a wide variety of orchid species for flower gifting and home decoration.


There are around 25,000 up to 30,000 species of orchid flowers and plants in the world. Most of them are found in the tropical regions of Asia and other continents. Each species may differ from each other in varying shapes, sizes, color, weight, and patterns. Grammatophyllum orchids are the largest species while the plztystele jungermannioides orchids are the smallest species in the world. The online florist can help you find a perfect orchid species for your birthday flowers or other occasions.


Orchids are associated to fertility and virility because of the shape of the roots. They are also associated to beauty and perfection because of their symmetry and patterns. In fact, it is the epitome of a perfect beauty. In addition, this type of flower is also considered as a symbol of love and luxury, as well as strength, endurance, and innocence.


For centuries, people were using orchids for traditional Asian medicine, for spices, and for base in creating perfumes and scents. In Japan, the orchid flower was used as a symbol of bravery, while in Aztecs the vanilla orchid is powdered to add to a chocolate drink for physical strength and power. Many countries also use the orchids as their floral emblems. Singapore has the Vanda Miss Joaquim and Indonesia has Moon Orchid. Costa Rica has Guaria Morada Orchid and Brazil has Corsage Orchid.

With 35,000 different species of orchid flower throughout the world, and a plethora of meaning associated to it, you will surely find one unique and meaningful for orchid Flower Delivery Singapore to your loved ones on their special days.