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Make your wedding complete with flowers. There is nothing can make your wedding more beautiful than a perfect arrangement of flowers from us! Choose your gorgeous bouquets, centerpieces, and gifts for your special day here.

Wedding Flowers Price Guide

Wedding Flowers

  • Bridal Bouquets from $80
  • Boutonniere and Corsages from $15
  • Bridesmaid Posy from $60
  • Head Wreath from $50
  • Wrist Corsages from $25

Wedding Accessories

  • Fresh Flower Ring Holder from $70
  • Wedding Car Decoration Artificial from $280, Fresh from $350
  • Car Décor On Site installation $60
  • Installation services (material provided by customer) $120

Great Bridal Bouquet Singapore to Complete Your Wedding

How do you choose great bridal bouquet that will complete your wedding? The flower is an important aspect in any weddings and the florist Singapore can only guess what you want to have on this big day. Bridal bouquets should be chosen wisely because it is used only once in a lifetime. Choosing a bridal bouquet that best fits your style, your wedding dress, and your motif will definitely complete the wedding. Here are some of the great bridal bouquets to choose from when you order a florist delivery of wedding flowers:

A Posy Bridal Bouquet

The florist creates a posy bouquet by using several bunch of flowers arranged stylishly in a circular design. It can be made from one type of flower or a mix of a variety of flower types, especially those with large heads like Rose, Dahlias, and Peonies. A posy bridal hand bouquet fits perfectly with brides in their extravagant wedding dresses, particularly those with petite body.

A Cascade Bridal Bouquet

Many brides prefer this distinct flower arrangement for the bridal bouquet because of its shower or waterfall design. The wedding florists in Singapore make this bouquet as a statement accessory by using exotic flowers or elegant flowers. A cascade bridal bouquet has the lengthy and voluminous style, which is perfect for the traditional and formal weddings.

A Biedermeier Bridal Bouquet

The dense cluster of blooms arranged in circular style is tightly tied together to prevent from falling. Its dramatic effect is composed of mainly 4 layers of different blooms and is aimed to give a unique bridal bouquet to a modern wedding style. This bouquet requires the artistic expertise of the wedding florist and may not be an ideal choice for those brides who prefer to craft their own bridal bouquet.

A Structured Shield Bridal Bouquet

Each stem and sprig of the flowers is wired individually to create an extremely detailed bouquet. This bouquet is easy to carry, lightweight, and can be carried with one hand. It looks well with any type of veils and wedding dresses and it gives beautiful appeal from all angles. Its simplicity is beautiful because it allows the bride to flaunt the stunning wedding dress.

Planning and choosing the flower of your bridal bouquet Singapore and wedding flowers is necessary not only to have the perfect and great bridal bouquet but also to save on cost for a complete wedding.