Which Condolences Flower Singapore To Choose?

Words, however, cannot always take the grief away—especially the grief because of losing someone. This is a very sensitive time for the people who just experienced a loss, and this is a time when they really need a company or support from others.

When you know people who suffer a loss, it is important for you to comfort them as your support can be a big deal. Giving or sending condolences flower is one of the best thing you could do to show your respect in this tough time without having to worry what your action might be interpreted by the bereaved.

Sometimes, there is just not enough words to express an emotion. People often find themselves in a difficult situation to say what they actually want to say; this is where flowers came in! Fresh flowers could convey the sense of comfort and support to the recipient, that’s the reason why so many people prefer to buy flowers to show their condolences.

]Sympathy or Condolences flower are a common way to tell the bereaved that you are with them in their grief time. At least, by sending them flowers, you are already doing the right thing in paying your respect and show you care to the bereaved.

The tranquility and the beauty of flowers ate the perfect company and could help you express your kind thoughts. As most of you know, flowers actually have meaning, and since different flower with different color has a different meaning, you need to be wise in choosing the flowers and understand the meaning of the flowers, such as:

  • Iris symbolizes friendship and admiration
  • Carnation symbolizes deep love and affection
  • Gladiolus symbolizes a strong character and integrity
  • Rose symbolizes a true and passionate love
  • Baby’s Breath symbolizes innocence and purity
  • Forget-Me-Nots symbolizes an everlasting love
  • Hydrangea symbolizes love and support

These are just a few examples, there are still a lot of flowers with their own meaning. Certain blooms could symbolize special relationships or the bond between best friends. Make sure that you send the right flowers with the proper meaning, especially when you want to express your condolence.

For example, if the deceased is a dear friend of you, you could choose Iris as it represents friendship, if the deceased is someone that you respect, you could choose Gladiolus, if the deceased if someone you think you can’t and won’t forget, you could choose the Forget-Me-Nots as it can be a symbol of devotion.

Moreover, you could also consider your thoughts for the bereaved family; give them Hydrangea or Azalea as it could express your endless support for the bereaved family.

In Singapore, sympathy flowers are usually given to the bereaved family, that is why you can find and buy it anywhere in Singapore. Even so, you still need to carefully choose the best place where you can get the best flower.

Sending a Condolences Flower in Singapore

Sending flower are not mandatory to give, but it’s a good way to send your kind thoughts for the deceased and respect to the bereaved family. This act demonstrates compassion and sympathy. Perhaps you might help during this difficult time. When finding the right words can be a daunting task for you, giving flowers is your alternative.

To get the flower, buy it at the nearest florist around your place before going to the funeral. However, it’s best if you order the flowers online and have it delivered to you or directly to the bereaved. This way, you don’t have to spend so much money and energy.

Condolences flower Singapore are available in LittleFlowerHut.co, and you can order it online through our website. If you have a problem choosing the right flowers, you can ask us, and we will do our best to make the perfect arrangement such as:

Flower Bouquet

This is the most popular choice of flower arrangement since you can easily bring it everywhere. You can order a flower bouquet from us with a customized arrangement.

Flower Basket

Other than a bouquet, there is also flower in a basket. A basket of the beautiful blooms or potted living plants will be a symbol that the deceased will always live and remain in your heart.

Flower Wreath

A flower wreath is a kind of traditional condolence flower arrangement. This is a circular flower arrangement which represents an eternal life—in a connotative way.

Flower Tribute

This flower arrangement is a formal one. The design is usually based on the deceased’s occupation, hobbies, and even the deceased’s personality.

However, every arrangement from us won’t disappoint you as we understand the situation is crucial and especially the bereaved. We offer the best flower arrangement that could convey your kind thoughts to them, just let us know if you have any specific request.

After all, when sending condolences or sympathy flowers, there are a few things you need to consider. Not only the flowers, the meaning of the flowers, and the perfect arrangement of the flowers; but also the delivery timing and little details like your signature and the message you might want to tell to the bereaved.

It’s good if you send the flowers as soon as you heard the news; either send it to the deceased home or the funeral home. This will show how much you care and let the bereaved know that there are people who care. Sending flowers a few days or a month after the funeral also a nice thing to do as it shows that you still and will always support them.

Don’t forget to include a card and write your message. A personal message will let the bereaved know that you are with them in their time of sorrow.